2021-2022 Board of Directors:

Mike Nichols - League President
Brian Williams - League Vice-President
Rich Cooper - Treasurer
Amy Staley - Secretary
Jada Nichols - Player Agent (Baseball)
Sarah Myers - Player Agent (Softball)
Josh Oldham - Director of Baseball
Dina Edwards - Director of Softball
Jenelle Galusic - Concessions Manager
Travis Forney - Coaching Coordinator (Baseball)
Bill Myers - Coaching Coordinator (Softball) / Challenger Division Coordinator
Jamey Stavely - League Safety Officer
Michelle Forney - League Information Officer
Bruce Haines - Facilities & Field Maintenance

Scotty Bowman
- Vice-President Junior & Senior Baseball
Ben Shade - Vice-President of Major Baseball / Equipment Manager
Arthur Blosser - Vice-President Minor Farm (Player Pitch) Baseball / Fundraising Coordinator
Curtis Bass - Vice-President T-Ball / Fundraising Committee

Phil Munson -
Vice-President Junior Softball
Billy Brantner - Vice-President Major Softball
April Haines - Vice-President Minor Softball

Jeremy Boyer 
- Member at large
Matt Largent 
- Member at large

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